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Obituary for Kent M. Roszina

Kent Matthew Roszina

Born July 4th. 1958, and into Eternal Life April 2nd. 2023, at the age of 64.

We now celebrate the life of a man who ran his race well and who undoubtedly has heard the words, “Well done, my faithful servant”. He will be remembered for his booming laugh, great hugs, big smile, and even bigger heart, along with a powerful legacy of love, friendship, selfless giving and fierce faith.

Kent Roszina lived an extraordinary life that touched many, near and far. As his family, we are so blessed that we were able to intimately share a “wonderful life” with Kent. Above all, we will remember his love for God and his in-depth knowledge of His word and promises that were so evident in every aspect of how Kent lived his life. In this, he provided a glimpse of God’s great love for all that he encountered who did not know Him. Through his personal walk with the Lord, he inspired countless others to strengthen their own relationship with God and to walk out their faith daily. He so wanted for everyone he met to experience the blessings that God has promised us. Praying together in the early morning hours as the sun rose, and nature awoke around us will forever be a cherished time. Kent’s heartfelt prayers for us at birthday celebrations and dinners will be greatly missed. Kent believed in the power of prayer and was quick to pray for anyone in need. It was with great joy that we celebrated his ordination last year.

Anyone who knew Kent can testify that time spent with him was never dull. He always entertained us with his sports knowledge, movie quotes and endless questions. He genuinely cared about whoever was in front of him and always wanted to know “more”. For Kent, traveling was an adventure waiting to be experienced whenever possible and he found it very natural to include family and friends. He wanted to share experiences with everyone! This also gave him an opportunity to try more things on the menu… Sunny, sandy beaches were his happy place, or floating in the pool for hours soaking up as much sun as humanly possible. Everywhere he went he made new friends. His enthusiasm for life was contagious. Serving on the stateside Board of Directors for Outstretched Hands of Romania for years naturally led to his international travels. Street preaching in Romania just recently was his crowning glory, leaning into his God-given gifts to reach a whole village and eternally change lives. All were welcome into his heart, especially the children. It was not unusual to see groups of kids flocking around him as he walked through dusty villages, shared his testimony in small churches, or attended events whether they be overseas or back home. There were always more friends in more countries, more projects, more hearts to touch.

Kent loved his home, and all were welcome there. Anyone who passed through his doors was blessed with his gift of hospitality that was unrivaled. He invested a lot of time and effort in making it a beautiful safe haven and that is exactly the purpose it served. Kent was the ultimate entertainer. Not surprisingly, grocery shopping was a favorite activity of his. Kent loved good food and even more, loved to share it with others. Whether it be holidays, birthdays, or gatherings for the simple purpose of friendship and fellowship, he could be found feverously grilling on the back patio. If he was expecting 30 people, then he cooked for 60; his generous nature wouldn’t let anyone leave hungry. He took such joy in hosting and as with everything else, he always did his very best for others. It wasn’t uncommon for him to even check up on our projects to make sure no detail was forgotten. He always wanted things to turn out perfectly. While he relished in all of the pomp and circumstance of entertaining, he equally reveled in simple times sharing life with friends and family on the front patio or the many Father’s Days spent playing cribbage, enjoying a good steak accompanied by much love and laughter.

Talking with anyone and everyone was his second passion. He was the life of every conversation and gathering. Having a microphone in his hand was as natural for Kent as a cup of Kwik Trip coffee. Thriving on the connection with others, his cell phone was never far from him. Perhaps that is how he kept his arms so muscular, raising and lowering the phone so often from his ears. In this theme, it was logical that his career path led him to become a Telecommunication professional. It was a match made in heaven.

Kent always had an encouraging word for anyone facing life’s hurdles. Having overcome many things in his own life, his compassion was genuine. This compassion and gift of encouragement served him well in connecting with the inmates that he ministered to as a founding father of the Amazing Grace Prison Ministry. He loved to see others succeed and took great pride in their accomplishments. Bragging on others was as natural as breathing for him.

He was not a person that shied away from any responsibility. The word “no” was seldom heard from his mouth. He was always the first person to offer spiritual, emotional and/or physical help. And he had the fortitude to accomplish the task at hand, even when it seemed impossible. We knew we could always count on him for anything. Kent was a person who saw every project to a successful end. If he couldn’t do it himself, he always knew someone to reach out to who would.

In Kent’s passing, what we have come to fully appreciate is that this most important man in our lives was a true friend to far more people than we could have ever imagined. While we wish he would not have had to leave us all so soon, our hope and prayer is that through the many lives that he touched, all that he laughed, cried, and shared life with, that a part of the man Kent was on this earth will live on and continue to make this world a better place. Kent was so loved and will never be forgotten.

Celebration of Life will be held Tuesday, April 11th. 2023 at POPLAR CREEK CHURCH, 17770 West Cleveland Avenue, New Berlin WI. Visitation will be from 4pm-6pm. Memorial Service held from 6pm-8pm.