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Obituary for Barbara Lynn Olson (Strow)

Barbara Lynn Olson(née Strow) passed away peacefully Wednesday, October 18th at the age of 77 after a long battle with dementia. She was preceded in death by her father Sylvester Strow, her mother Pearl Strow Toepfer, and her-brother-in law Steve Lees. She is survived by her husband Dennis, her sister Nancy and nieces Laura Lees and Linda(James) Hall.
Barb’s childhood home was across the street from Jackson Park, where she played and explored. It was also where she watched her dad Syl and his brother’s diving expositions in summer and barrel jumping on the frozen pond in the winter.
After her father’s untimely passing in her mid teens, Barb and her mother relocated to Greendale.
Barb and Dennis were married in the spring of 1978 and built their home in the town of Vernon in the early 80’s where they lived for 30+ years.
Barb worked as a legal secretary for the law firm of Berkanovic and Berkanovic for 18 years. She then accepted the position of executive secretary to Bill Eisner Sr. of William Eisner Advertising and later she became the building manager for Elaine Eisner.
Barb was always impeccably dressed. The master bedroom’s California closet was all hers with many business suits(her favorite was Kasper suits), shoes and casual wear.
Barb loved cats and dogs. As a young girl she showed her award winning cats, Ducey and Chipper. Dennis and Barb always had furry family members.
Barb was a “foodie”, cooking delicious meals whether it was a crown roast, soup or gyros. After her workday, she would return home, pour a glass of Merlot and jump right into food preparation. The Food Channel was her kitchen companion. Her under cupboard TV was always tuned to TFC.
Music was a big part of Barb’s life. She and a girlfriend were at the Beatles 1964 concert at the Milwaukee arena! A really big deal at 17!
She also liked cars. In her 20’s she ran around in a little British MG, then a purple AMC Javelin and then an orange VW love bug.
Barb had a mischievous, adventurous spark and a great sense of humor and wit and was always the life of the party.
A great example of her indomitable spirit was exhibited at age 15 in 1961. The churches were warning their congregations not to see West Side Story because of the gangs in the movie … well young Barb didn’t see it that way and saw the movie 12 times!
Frontal temporal dementia can be a very difficult illness, and most care facilities will not take on that challenge. Personally Yours Elder Care of Waterford, WI did. The care and love she received there for 11+ years cannot be overstated.
As Barb wished, she has been cremated.
An immediate family life celebration has been held.