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Obituary for Allan John Jacobus

Hello, I am Elvira (Ellie) the beautiful and marvelously loyal Newfoundland dog. I am seen in the picture with my best friend Allan Jacobus. Al and his daughter (Dawn) fetched me from Ohio after his wife Carol, of 49 years passed away. Al loved me very much and I am sad that he left us on September 7, 2022.

Al was an expert dog trainer, he taught me how to do carting. At parades and the State Fair I would pull a cart with kids in the seat. Sometimes he would ride in the cart and we would cruise around his neighborhood in Muskego. I loved that!

Competition hand gun shooting was Al’s favorite hobby. He shot in matches at Camp Perry as well as in state and local matches. Al has so many trophies from his match shooting. He is ranked as “High Master”, which is the highest class in the NRA. Al loved going to Fletchers in Waukesha and seeing his friends Terry Haber and Doc Dave (Smith).

For 55 years Al lived in Muskego, WI. Back in the day, Carol and Al’s yard and gardens were picturesque, I’ve seen the photographs. Speaking of photographs, Al was a professional photographer. I’ve also heard stories about when he was younger; what the Sportsman that he was! He loved hunting, fishing and going to his place in Fox Lake, Wi. He even had a motorcycle and a super cool Pontiac Firebird, and other classic cars like a GTO. Al spent his career at the Falk Corporation until he retired, he was also a member of the Masonic Lodge in Milwaukee and worked with the Shriners. Al did many other cool things too.

Al had a good sense of humor and was one sarcastic guy. He taught those around him to work hard, have a good work ethic, and never give up!

Now I will be living with his Daughter, Dawn.

Thank you to Ron, Les from Muskego, Nuchi - his car show buddy, and many other friends at Fletcher Arms and the Chubby’s Cafe staff for your friendship through the years.

Celebration of life will be held at a later date.